Welcome to myHRM.ca – a place for neighbours

myHRM.ca is an online community for people who want to make a personal commitment to doing small but significant neighbourly acts that make their neighbourhoods great places to live, work and play.

myHRM.ca is:

  • a place to celebrate your neighbours who are making a difference
  • a place to share stories and exchange tips and ideas
  • a place for neighbours to connect with neighbours
  • a place to find the tools, resources, support and volunteer opportunties available to you through your municipal government with the goal of creating and sustaining great neighbourhoods

myHRM.ca is also home to the Good Neighbours, Great Neighbourhoods initiative.

myHRM.ca will continually grow and evolve the way you want to see it. So share your ideas and thoughts on what you'd like to see here through our survey. Help us to make this space "a place for neighbours".

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So, what is Good Neighbours, Great Neighbourhoods?

It’s simple – it’s about each and every one of us making a personal commitment to create welcoming, safe, vibrant neighbourhoods where we live, work and play.

Many of you are already making a difference in your work and home neighbourhoods. Good Neighbours, Great Neighbourhoods is about celebrating and helping to support your efforts.

The attributes of being a good neighbour are universally accepted – no matter where you live, being a good neighbour generally includes:

  • Getting to know your neighbours
  • Keeping a look out for your neighbours
  • Helping your neighbours
  • Participating in community activities
  • Helping do your part to keep your neighbourhood clean and “green”


Tell us what you think makes for a good neighbour by sharing your Good Neighbour Story with us.

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